bunker-2-200x300One of our strongest passions is to assist non profits to help them raise as much awareness and funds for their cause….and serve Fortune 500 companies in production research in order to improve products and the costs of products.

We want to help you create a brand with your product, not just a cheap trinket your audience will see one minute and forget in a flash. We want to help you create the product that sticks…one in which your audience will remember forever.

We are deeply passionate to help others become free and whole. That’s why we support the fight for Justice and Freedom. A portion of our profits go to benefit the A21 Campaign. The A21 Campaign is all about abolishing injustice in the 21st Century by helping victims of human trafficking become free and whole.

In addition to this, we are ethical in our business practices, by only using an overseas factory who does not use child labor or forced labor in the production of our products.